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H178 L120 P42
H178 L120 P42


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Step A: Define the number of colors and the number of columns.

Step B: For each color. Define the color value. Select one standard color from the drop-down box, or specify your own color in the "rgb" box. For your own colors, use the RGB hex format, such as d3debb.

Step C: For each column. Define the dimensions and the number of elements. Define the "Base Colors" like in step B. For each element, define the element height. And finally, define the color of the panels. The values in the drop-downs represent the colors defined in step B. The first drop-down is the top panel. The following are presented in a grid, one line for each element. The dorp-downs in each line represent (in order) the left panel, the left door, the right door and the right panel.

I hope this is clear enough. Here are a few examples: Tetris I - Tetris II - Tetris III - Tetris IV - Tetris 3D Combo - Large Combo

A. Numbers

Number of Colors and Columns

B. Colors

Define your Colors

C. Columns

C.1. Dimensions

Column 1

C.2. Element Heights

Column 1

C.3. Base Colors

Column 1

C.4. Panel Colors

Column 1


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